Monday, September 14, 2009

dear diary

i started keeping a diary when i was eleven years old. back then, i thought that it would be really nice to see in the future what i was like when i was a kid. that is was what my first entry had said. that thought has kept me motivated to be a very dedicated diarist for over twelve years. my diary is totally worthy of being published. all eight volumes. though i cringe at the thought of anyone ever reading it. but for your viewing pleasure, i am including a few entries in this post. just to give everyone a taste of what i was like before i became the highly sophisticated, lovely young woman i am today!

my early diaries are mostly filled with little lindsey being completely boy crazy (and, let's be honest, maybe some of my most recent entries are too.) i had a crush on every boy. and was absolutely in love with them. and hated them the next day. and then loved them again. there is nothing like the emotional enthusiasm of a twelve year old girl and am glad to have that captured on paper.

my diary has been with me everywhere. junior high, summer camp, first boyfriend, first breakup, first day of college, last day of college, pets, surgery, vacations, first job interview, first job offer, first new york city apartment. everything. all of the scandal in my life. all of the happiness. and maybe more importantly, the average days. for two years straight (2006-2008) i kept alongside my diary, a notebook where i would write one thing that happened that day. everyday. so many significant events happen in your life. wouldn't it be nice to see what happened eleven years earlier on that exact day? one day you can be getting married and years earlier, on that same day, you could have been feeding ducks at the pond, completely unaware of what the future had in store for you.

okay, now for some insight into my young mind. my parents should be really glad that i turned out the way that i did. seriously. here are some gems from my finest years:

age: 11 (1997):

age: nearly 12 (1998):

age: nearly 13 (1999):



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