Tuesday, September 08, 2009

the chandelier

i live above an antique shop on bedford street. actually, three of them. and in one these shops, there was the most exceptionally beautiful chandelier. i noticed it one of the first days i moved in. it was hanging right in the entrance of the store and, for anyone i ever walked past it with, i always pointed out its beauty. i loved, loved, loved it. then one day in june, the chandelier was gone and another was in its place. it was a sad day. though i knew i never could afford this chandelier any time soon (it was twice my rent), i always enjoyed looking at it's vintage-y elegance.

fast forward two months to last tuesday, i was walking past the shop, and in the very far back corner, there it was. it had not been sold. the store was just simply rearranged. so i went in, and as always with camera in hand, i asked to take some pictures for a "friend who was decorating her new apartment."

i was absolutely delighted just to see it again and told several friends the good news. emily looked at the pictures of it and said "why don't you just make that yourself?" and that was probably one of em's greatest ideas. i was so excited all week to come home to connecticut, where i had a very simple chandelier frame that i had from college. there is nothing better than a good craft project. i spent all weekend on it. it took three days, two trips to the craft store, one can of flat-white spray paint and almost 750 beads.

the frame:
many, many hours of beading:
and voila:

i also have the original glasses that go into the metal rings that will hold candles, and crystals that i inherited from my great aunt celia to hang from the frame. 

oh, i love a good diy. 


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