Sunday, June 27, 2010


i was lucky, lucky, lucky enough to go to darci kistler's farewell performance today. darci was the last of the balanchine ballerinas. she was also the youngest to become a principal dancer in nyc ballet's history. i bought my ticket months ago. as soon as i found out she was retiring and as soon as tickets went on sale, i knew i could not miss this performance. she danced several excerpts from balanchine's monumentum pro gesualdo, movements for piano and orchestra, a midsummer's nights dream and ended with the final act of swan lake. it was perfection. 

and then for her farewell bow! it was absolutely indescribable. bouquet after bouquet was brought out to darci from those involved in the ballet, from those who love her. the entire theater was filled with emotion. wild admiration. the confetti fell and the audience threw their bouquets on stage. by the end of it, she must have received a thousand flowers. at least. it was incredible and i even had tears in my eyes! i can't really describe how completely adored she is or how this performance felt. it was magical.

a sunday afternoon performance and a completely full house. pictures are not allowed during performances. but during her final bow, that rule was clearly ignored. flashes were going off from everywhere. wish i didn't only have the camera on my phone with me, but i'm glad i was able to capture a bit of it. look how the flowers cover the stage! 

farewell, darci!


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