Thursday, June 10, 2010


  • the ballet i saw on monday, lady of the camellias, is tragic because the beautiful courtesan (marguerite) has tuberculosis and is going to die. she keeps it a secret and can not be with the man whom she loves because of this. she dances! and then she coughs. (moulin rouge! is based on la traviata which is based on lady of the camellias) but, with the weather constantly changing (hot sun, cold rain, hot sun..) it seems as if everyone in nyc is sick, as well. and the entire audience was coughing and coughing during the performance, right along with our girl, marg. life imitating art? art imitating life?
  • i went to dinner last night, it was raining so i brought my umbrella. i checked the umbrella before i went to my table at the coat check. when i went to retrieve my umbrella after the meal - it had vanished! the restaurant gave me a replacement to take home. but! the umbrella i had brought had already been a replacement umbrella! several months ago, emily and emily went to dinner and emily (not my roommate) took my umbrella to dinner by mistake and when she ended her meal, she took someone else's accidentally. emily (roommate) felt bad and bought me a new one (really nice of her and unnecessary!) to replace my old favorite. so this replacement umbrella has now just been replaced (and downgraded - as the original replacement was extremely sturdy/non-folding, as was the original) and now i'm left with this dinky fold-up one. yikes.
  • for the past week, the water in my shower goes from very hot to very cold - every few minutes. this makes showering very unpleasant. but it also makes me think of when there wasn't the advancement yet of running/hot water. and then i feel like a pioneer and don't complain!
  • jenna is my oldest friend and sometimes we get into terribly petty fights and we won't talk for months. and then out-of-the-blue we'll both say "i miss you! i love you!" and laugh and then things go back to normal. but she's been away on a cruise with her lovely boyfriend this week and i haven't spoken to her since sunday and it makes me so very sad! come back, boo boo!
  • i went to my old office building this morning (across the street from our new building) to visit my old doorman and we hugged and talked about summer and his love of soccer. good to know there is still some heart in midtown.

emily's shadow and emily's cane's shadow. a past yoga injury haunts her resulting in occasional need of a cane:


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