Monday, June 14, 2010


i really appreciate my friends. especially the ones who are always up for anything. they make me terribly happy and keep things fun. last week, brooke said "let's go to figment!", an annual event dedicated to creativity and happiness. i knew i just had to go. mary and tucker felt the same way. like every lovely weekend day, it began with brunch (chris joined in for food, but stayed behind for soccer) and then we were off on the ferry to governors island!

the ferry to the island was a quick, ten minute trip and brought us to a whole new world. the sun was shining and everyone just wanted to enjoy the day. there were activities scattered throughout the island. numerous dance parties, a (very serious) wish-making station, a gnome adoption center, a dome filled with rose petals (to throw like confetti!), etc. it was magical. and it was all for free. and free, we felt. it felt like vermont.

on the ferry

mary and the rose petals

my favorite activity was called sparkle. a sandbox filled with silver glitter. i (obviously) had to jump right in. and i even let brookey pour buckets of glitter over me. when else would i ever be able to do this? i was covered in sparkles the rest of the day and even after three showers, it is still in my hair. (and all over my apartment, in my bed..)

love, love, love

one of the best days that i have had all year.


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