Tuesday, June 01, 2010

friendship bracelets! and such

hard to believe (as i write this from my LES apartment) that yesterday morning i was lounging on jenna's porch in cut-off shorts (that i would never wear in the city), getting a sunburn and making friendship bracelets. and that last night for dinner, my parents barbecued and we sat out on our deck to eat. i love going home for a few days but it really makes me miss being there and being with my family. it makes me miss summers in connecticut and nature, in general. jenna and i talked about the great outdoors and the wonderfulness of returning to connecticut after being in manhattan for a while and the thought that parks are nice for city folk who don't have lovely backyards. and i must say, the community garden on avenue c/9th street is rather idyllic and may be the best green space in downtown manhattan. but really, nothing beats actually being in nature.

in any case, i made countless friendship bracelets this weekend (in tompkins square park with brooke and richard, on the train to connecticut, with jenna, on the deck while my mom read/meditated, on the train back to manhattan, etc) and i've become quite the pro! so i'm taking requests from now until i run out of string!

years ago, jenna and i went to summer camp together in maine and yesterday we went through her camp autograph/address book. we wondered where some of our old friends are now and then wondered about this loopy advice from our counselor:

and then we had cones!

love jenna's formal living room.

pippin-kate olsen.

then i dashed back to the city late last night, quickly caught a cab downtown and made it back just in time to see emily's brother's band, a locomotive, perform. ideal.

oh and a very happy birthday to molly! a beautiful and wise friend (and my freshman year roommate!) whom i love, love, love!


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