Tuesday, June 01, 2010


after living in the city for almost a year and a half, emily and i have not had television. some people like to boast that they don't own one. it's lowbrow and they have far better things to do than watch it. but not us, we love television! but a) we didn't have a living room until we moved out of the west village and b) now that we do have living space (and a tv!) cable is so expensive, man. we'd rather use our monies for other joys. so after a few months of having a tv in the living room (which only the dvd player had been used), dad suggested and bought us an antenna and, to our delight setting it up last night, we receive twenty one channels. free!

curious/scared to see how this changes life. will we watch it for hours each night? will we never turn it on? we've gotten along just fine without it but now...


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