Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sleeping beauty

last night was ABT's sleeping beauty performance. this is my favorite ballet. by far. i would see it just for the glittering costumes. or just to listen to the exquisiteness of tchaikovsky. i could watch hours of the winsome, flitting fairies. and the wedding scene! everything about this performance was spectacular. the gorgeous and graceful veronika part was the lilac fairy and gillian murphy was aurora. i love learning about the dancers. reading their interviews. their journeys to becoming the best in the world, where they find inspiration. ballerinas are my 'movie stars', they are the true celebrities in my life. monday nights at the ballet are my favorite. being at lincoln center instantly makes me lovely and whole. i can't think of anything that gets me nearly as excited as the orchestra beginning to play and the curtain rising.

i know i always say it, but, i feel so lucky to live in this wonderful city, where such loveliness is so accessible.


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