Wednesday, May 19, 2010

conversation on conversation

when annie visited a few months ago, we had one of those wonderful conversations that whips and whirls and lasts for hours. we have these chats pretty frequently and that's why i love her so much. she truly is an inspiring gal, with (many!) interesting things to say. she isn't the type to simply agree and she makes you question and form your own opinions, boldly. anyway, this particular conversation we had was based upon... really good conversation.

i bought a book a few years ago that i am just beginning to get into now and i am reading and rereading it. it was written in the 1930s on the proper etiquette in different social settings for young women (but raaaather brazenly). the book is a delight. it weaves you in and out of situations in the sharpest of ways. how to make everything more fascinating (for your own amusement and maybe for others, as well). it reminds you that there really isn't anything more enjoyable than a good conversation. not the internet, television, blackberries (whatever, etc).

i suppose a lot of it is about practicing language. to be able to lively, wittily and gracefully word your thoughts. to train your mind. to partake in daring adventures and read all that you can on interesting subjects. to develop your opinions, knowledge. to expand your vocabulary. an interesting chat is definitely a gift to give others. so often, people have become lazy with it. dull, disinterested. those situations make me want to pull my hair out. and they happen (unfortunately) too frequently.

everyday, communication is required but certainly not everyday you (or at least, i don't) have those extraordinary encounters with people who just shake up your view points and make you think long after you leave their presence. but, why not?


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