Sunday, May 23, 2010


if absolutely nothing else, i've acquired a rather pretty collection of dresses since moving to nyc.

there are so many beautiful things to have and to experience here. and i feel extremely fortunate that i'm able to surround myself with these things that i think are so lovely. to have the luxury of pretty treasures and wearing sparkly dresses and listening to classical music and having a subscription to ABT and going to see momix next week with emily. new york city has really taught me how to indulge in a certain type of beauty. i may not save a lot (or any) of my money, but i'm enjoying.

but i also know how to live very happily without all of these things, as and very well. the beautifully simple life in vermont, where days were endlessly spent on front porches with friends, countless trips to swimming holes and creative cooking with flowers, was beyond fulfilling.

there are so many ways to enjoy what you have around you.


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