Sunday, May 23, 2010

weekend update

  • first off, today is annie's twenty fourth birthday. really wish i was with her to celebrate and i hope she is having the happiest of days!
  • also, happy mother's day, mom. you're the best! belated. hello, sorry.
  • anyway, the weather was surprisingly good/fair all weekend.
  • attended the dance parade on broadway saturday afternoon and saw so many wonderful styles of dancing. everything from hula dancers to people dancing on stilts. it's nice to think that people move to nyc and are able to pursue anything they want to.
  • when the weekend plan included getting "marino's italian ices on saturday before the parade", it was rather coincidental that the cafe we were going to get them from stopped serving it (when they definitely still had it a few days before).
  • on saturday i ate: a choco-taco (have one if you haven't in a while - they're divine!), a pizza bagel, a vanilla soft-serve ice cream cone, blue ribbon bakery bacon bread, a blue ribbon bakery chocolate chip cookie, jamba juice, cheese fries and wings. yum.
  • love when pieces from past halloween costumes become part of my wardrobe.
  • hebrew has so many more onomatopoeias than english.
  • onomatopoeias are just logical.
  • the sunlight in my bedroom amazes me every morning. i love weekends when i can enjoy it, especially.
  • everyone who lives/enjoys/works in downtown manhattan has a sweet nothings necklace from in god we trust and i can't tell you how many times these past few weeks i've been involved in conversations of "what does your say?"
  • mint julep (on ludlow street) is the best store in nyc. by far. and it's not just because the beautiful and beyond friendly owners are from vermont. emily and i spend hours here as if we're in our cool best friend's closet.
  • and of course, brunch with girlfriends is always lovely.
  • as are leisurely weekend-morning coffees.

super sassy.


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