Monday, May 03, 2010

jenna jean

jenna came to visit for the weekend and we had such a lovely time. 
i can go on and on about how much i love jenna.
but i believe i already have!
so i will tell a few fun facts about her.

  1. she somehow knows every lyric to every song (and she has a cousin who wrote the 80's hit 'tell it to my heart').
  2. she charms babies, old people and animals.
  3. she's really, really creative and truly could be the next lisa frank (she can draw unicorns better than anyone i know).
  4. she has a pet snake named iris (and she sadly escaped this weekend while jenna was away in nyc so let's all think good thoughts on her safe return!)
  5. her middle name is my first! so we're obviously meant to be.

saturday was one of the first days of intense summery heat and the perfect day to wear my rainbow trina turk dress that i bought last summer (and couldn't find an occasion to wear!) i am glad that i saved it for saturday. the first hot and sunny day is definitely worth celebrating in a pretty frock. we strolled through soho and chinatown. spent the night on a rooftop overlooking the beautiful city. danced and danced until (literally) the sun came up and the birds were chirping. thai food and cat naps, smoothies and street fairs, cheese fries and friendship rings. oh and playing a round of dream phone. seriously the best 90's board game. who, who, who has a crush on you?

we brunched at spitzer's, a nearby favorite. 
french fries with mayonnaise (of course) and panko-crusted poached eggs and spinach ricotta terrine, divine!

jenna charms the pup (see?)

heartschallenger, we meet again (and i adore you).

love and love


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