Monday, May 24, 2010

girl talk

ya, ya, it's important to have wonderful interesting/relevant/meaningful conversations. and often. but! it's also fun and indulgent not to. silly chats about more frivolous endeavors are awfully lovely. so here are a few things that i am thinking of:

  • say what you will about starbucks, but that iced passion tea (with milk and sugar-in-the-raw) really makes mid-day in midtown a bit brighter.
  • i'm really enjoying essie nail polish in haute as hello. coral. cool, festive.
  • currently in the habit of nail-polishing only my left hand's thumb. other fingers blank.
  • does everyone secretly enjoy watching the bachelor? and doesn't dare admit to it?
  • i made awkward eye contact with kristin chenoweth on lexington avenue tonight.
  • jurlique makes the best hand cream.
  • how would you feel if you had a romance with someone who was wildly famous in japan but relatively unknown in the US?
  • emily and i once got eyelash extensions. we felt extraordinarily fabulous for two weeks.
  • i just realized my gym offers ballet classes developed by the new york city ballet.
  • and speaking of which, i can't believe darci kistler's last performance is next month. and i am really glad i already have my ticket.
  • had an a++++ meal at 'inoteca (on rivington) last week with the emilys. divine! a cured-meat lover's paradise.
  • have you checked your horoscope yet? how do you feel about it?
  • new metallicy-mesh purse from mint julep is one of my favorite purchases of 2010.
  • and, bloom where you are planted.


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