Monday, May 10, 2010


significant cuts and styles.
(traumatic and otherwise)
  1. see age four. thanks for the pigtails/glasses combo, ma. real cute.
  2. age five. thought it would look nice to cut off the entire left side of my hair and leave the other side long. hairdresser would not go for it, as much as i tried to convince.
  3. age six. visiting my grandma in brooklyn and went for a hair cut. the hairdresser said that i had fine hair. i said "thank you". years later realized it was not meant to be a compliment.
  4. age ten. by myself, i cut my very long, curly, beautiful hair to my chin. i look fabulous! i think. my mom is angry/shocked/upset. i tell her that i should now become a model. she said no. well then, how about a beauty pageant? no. fill out beauty pageant application regardless.
  5. age twelve. cut my own bangs after seeing lindsay lohan cut lindsay lohan's (?) hair in the parent trap, you know, so they could pass as themselves/each other and visit their mother/father. scraggly bangs for the next four months.
  6. age thirteen. received my first hair straightener for christmas. hours before midnight on new years eve, i straighten my hair because if y2k really brought on a power outage, my hair would have to be straight.
  7. age seventeen. cut off entire ponytail on a whim at jenna's house. lookin' good.
  8. age nineteen. long, long, long hair cut to above my shoulders without my knowledge while going for a "trim". cry and cry. accuse hairdresser of ruining my life. on purpose. sob for three days after, seriously consider hair extensions but settle for blond highlights and a spray tan. sophomore in college, clearly very stable. hair will grow. will now laugh/cringe when thinking back to this.
  9. age twenty three. annie is visiting and she gives me a haircut at one in the morning. at least four inches shorter. just for fun and i love it! it was genius! feel like a new woman.


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