Friday, May 21, 2010

the secret garden

green space is, obviously, very limited in manhattan. so i was especially excited to see that there was a community garden near my new apartment. right on the corner of houston/bowery. it is surrounded by a tall iron fence and a few weeks ago, the gate was open when i passed by. so i stepped into the garden. magical! there were little pathways and hidden benches, hanging vines, chirping birds and bright colors. i am now imagining that there was a stream but i don't actually think that's possible? anyway, i read a sign saying that the garden is looking for volunteers to care for it and i vowed that i would be there in my overalls that saturday.

the next night, emily and i were strolling and i saw that the land was completely bulldozed. everything uprooted and only dirt remained. i was confused! outraged! sad! i felt this way for a while and told everyone i saw for the next few days how unfortunate this was.

but it turned out that i was mistaken. and that i was really looking at an identical (but empty) plot of land a block away on houston/2nd avenue. le sigh. always funny, the process of getting your bearings straight when you're living in a new neighborhood.


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