Monday, October 19, 2009


though slightly evolved, my style has never really changed from when i was six years old.

i still love everything extremely feminine and dainty.
the lady. the ballerina. the queen.
florals. a mishmash of bright colors - à la lisa frank.
diamonds and gems.

but there was a time that i pretended i did not enjoy the beautiful things that i once did. i remember being in seventh grade and sitting on the bus with ashley. i had on pink nail polish. it was such a light color pink, really. and i told her it was more of a lilac shade. in no way did i want to admit to being one of those girls who "loves pink." even though i did!

well, now that i'm a decade older (and a bit wiser), i fully embrace it. and glitter. and rainbow colors and everything that i think is beautiful. and i don't worry about any other tastes and opinions but my own.

i am really fortunate that my office is an avenue away from the fashion district in nyc.
there are countless shops with lovely ribbons and gems and pretty little embellishments. a few weeks ago when annie came to visit, i found this beauteous, little bauble. i haven't thought of the perfect craft to use it in yet, though i am certain that i will. it is completely kitschy and it really speaks to me. everyone i have excitedly shown it to thinks it is extremely odd. but i love it and i will never again deny what i truly fancy!


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