Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the weather

there is something really nice about discussing the weather with strangers.

when you're stuck in a quiet situation with a person that you do not know very well, or at all, in a waiting room, with a taxi driver, in a line, with your doorman, in an elevator, the weather is a perfect topic to discuss. i actually really love this. not because i particularly like talking about what's going on outside (like my father, who was overjoyed when i decided to go to vermont for college - hi dad!), but because it shows that a person is making a rather gallant effort in being cordial. it shows they have a good heart. it's just as simple to say nothing at all. this conversation really used to bug me, as i once thought it was stating the obvious. but now it brings me complete delight! when there is absolutely nothing to say, the weather is perfect. it's maybe the one thing that we can all relate to in times of a fleeting exchange. the conversation always ends with a feeling of solidarity. we all experience weather equally and together.


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