Tuesday, October 06, 2009

burlington, you bring me happiness

hey burlington, you're wonderful!
thank you for this weekend.

we strolled around church street and

ran into old friends.

we had the yummiest brunch

with colorful fruit plates
and the mandatory bucket-o-spuds, which were gone in five minutes.

brunch-time cake for the beautiful and kind birthday girl, anne-marthe!

i came up with my next few craft project ideas this weekend,
including a floral needlepoint.
burlington, you're knee deep in creativity. of all sorts.

when i bought a bar of beeswax at city market, just to have,
the cashier and i talked about craft ideas that include beeswax.
to use for color and such things.

and most importantly, thank you to burlington, for providing a good energy. it is certainly contagious.


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