Sunday, October 25, 2009

a little experimentation

i made my roommate become part of my experiment.

for seven days, she had to practice writing with her left hand. she had three minutes of practice each day, and then had to write her name and the alphabet. this wasn't really about her actually having progress, but rather to see if there were any changes. absolutely no pressure.

day one to day seven:

result: questionable. the first day really looked great and the last day of the experiment was a little bit worse, but i think that was lack of effort on her part. also something to note, in the practice pages, she wrote like she was six years old and learning to write, such as "lindsey, lou and i are having a lovely afternoon in the west village. today is saturday. last night, we all went bowling," and that is rather silly.

we came up with other ways to track her progress on the road to ambidexterity, like sewing a circle with her left hand, but we'll see. em is now studying for the GRE and training yourself to write with your left hand may not be the most impressive activity to a graduate school.


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