Wednesday, October 07, 2009

weekend treats

the world is filled with treasure.
it is everywhere and it is completely subjective.
and that is the fun of it all.
certain things just appeal to others more.

my rule when purchasing absolutely anything, i always ask myself if i love the particular item, whether it is clothing, a new notebook, furniture or food. i only buy what i truly enjoy. my room is a testament to that. it took me over three months to get a mirror for the space on the wall above my bed, and not because i wasn't looking. i searched until i really found the one that i loved. i think i have a pretty good grasp on what i will like temporarily and what i will adore for quite a while. when i'm surrounded by everything that i thoughtfully chose and love, then that's a really good feeling, too.

these are my treasures that i found in vermont this weekend. they are wildly delightful to me.
  • a lovely dress.
  • a perfectly over-the-top swan statue from recycle north.
  • an embroidery kit with instructions on how to sew poppies.


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