Monday, October 05, 2009

the greatest feeling

this weekend was my second-ever university of vermont alumni weekend. i shared a room in the burlington sheraton, across from our old dorms, with my college roommates of two years. yes, six out of the seven lovely ladybirds of converse court. in one room. for two nights. we hadn't been this many all together since we graduated in may of 2008. the best of memories were all rehashed. it felt good.

my roommate and i were talking about the best feelings in the world. all this time in our old college town reminded us of what really just feels the greatest of all:

waking up on a freezing cold, vermont winter morning, being delightfully comfortable in your warm, soft bed and then having that conversation in your head. the one where you are really trying to convince your better judgement. "it's so difficult to hike the 15 minute walk up pearl street to campus in the snow. it's just too cold to walk up that far. has my bed always been this comfortable? i haven't skipped any classes this week. i could just ask my friend for the notes. i'm doing really well in that class."

and at that very precise moment, when your indulgent side wins and you decide to email your professor saying that you're (very unfortunately) sick (later on in the afternoon to give your story a bit more credibility), you drift back to sleep. securely warm and blissful. that's the greatest.

the next few posts will be dedicated to all of the things that i love about burlington. this weekend was wonderful and i loved everything about it. it was so incredible to see old friends. we all have such a camaraderie. regardless of how long it's been since we've talked or seen each other, there is this perfect, nostalgic love. joyful reunions are also the greatest.


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