Friday, October 16, 2009

this dress

emily and i had a fervent desire to move to new york city. it was our dream and our every thought. right after graduation, and months before we actually found jobs here, we took a day trip. i can't remember if we had a purpose for going other then running around and living the life we dreamed of for an afternoon.

we found our now favorite peruvian restaurant in the east village. we had after-dinner drinks on the sidewalk in perfect summer-evening weather on the lower east side. we saw her brother's band play at the annex. we truly had a day packed with adventure. but what we remember the day most as, is the day where we swapped clothing. three times. switching with each other and buying new to fit the activity that we were doing at the moment. while not actually living here. it was excessive and silly. this dress will always remind me of that day, it was the dress i had purchased and wore mid-afternoon and into the evening.

now in our tiny, west village apartment, i still have the dress with me. i haven't worn it since our romp around lower manhattan over a year ago. but every time emily and i see it, it always takes us back to the time when the city was just a dream of bright lights and everlasting fun.


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