Tuesday, October 27, 2009

library card

i have a ton of interests. in every direction. that being stated, getting a library card is probably one of the greatest decisions of my life. i love reading. i love learning. there are so many things i do not know. and that's the best part of it all. i feel so inspired by the fact that there is so much out there to have knowledge of. there is so much to discover.

i fully enjoyed college classes. i learned so much. so much, perhaps random, knowledge in so many different areas. it was all quite interesting to me. even looking back, the concept of just learning and learning varied subjects each day is overwhelmingly amazing to me. i took a class on gerontology! on north american immigration! on entomology! i took two years of hebrew! an absolutely inspiring course on global violence against women and girls! i took figure skating classes! ballroom dance! a class solely related to cheese and culture! poetry! there are so many things that i have wonderful and random knowledge of, and yet, there is still so much more i want to and don't already know.

i like having conversations with people on subjects that i know nothing about. to learn, learn, learn. i am very unfamiliar with physics, with chemistry, with many things. i like talking to people who know about the subjects that i am not well versed in. you can tell me about thermodynamic fluctuations and statistical physics and i can tell you about the life cycle of the honeybee and france's first female perfumer, germaine cellier. i absolutely do not think that certain subjects have more merit over others. we'll both learn from each other. everyone carries very specific and delightful knowledge with them.

having a job after graduation in a specialized field is extremely different than taking an assortment of college courses. not better or worse, simply a distinct focus and new way of learning. you would not believe all of the unusual and enthralling facts about the fragrance industry that i have learned so far. there is so much to it. so much design. so much science. so much math, history. so much beauty and passion. every detail is fascinating to me.

and i feel very lucky to have a job in an industry that i will constantly, and rather delightfully, be learning in. and i also feel lucky to have the ambition and curiosity to discover more apart from it.


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